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Thank you very much for your attention to Kai Heng, please note the following information, so that the interview can be happy and smooth, we are very looking forward to learning to join!

1.Please take the following relevant documents and materials:
1.2、《Education Certificate》
1.3、《Marriage certificate》One original and one copy
1.4、Two photos of one inch bareheaded color
1.5、《Professional skills certificate》(Such as providing "work proof", "English proficiency certificate", "computer level certificate", the title of class certificate and a copy of the original
1.6、《Self recommendation for job hunting》
1.7、Fill in the entry registration form
1.8、Personal recent physical examination report (three months)
2.The company advocates honesty and honesty, and retains the right to examine the personal information provided by the employees. If there is forgery, the company has the right to terminate the trial or terminate the labor relationship without compensation.
2.1、Please ensure that the information you register and fill in is correct and true
2.2、Please ensure the authenticity of your words, whether in recruitment, interview or probation
3.After receiving the notice of employment, should be reported at the designated date. If you can't go on time, you should get in touch with the company and confirm the date of registration.
4.Registration procedures include: check-in, registration, work card, attendance card, meal card, office supplies and reading staff handbook and other related information.
5.Human resources management system, please refer to "Guangzhou Heng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. human resources management system".

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