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Training overview


1.Training is divided into company training and department training, team training。
2.The company training is sponsored by the human resources department, mainly responsible for the management training of personnel above the management level, business training within the company, new staff training, and at the same time responsible for the company's training management.
3.Department training is carried out by various departments to carry out post skill training according to the actual needs.
4.Team training by each team for actual needs to carry out team training, to ensure that the production needs.
5.In order to help employees sum up personal work gains and losses, clear future work goals and job requirements, targeted improvement and improvement, departments will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the staff's work performance and ability. The result of the assessment will be the reference for the new employee whether to stay, adjust the salary, and adjust the position.
6.Where the examination results in low level departments, the company has the right to be demoted, dismissed or cut.
7.The company encourages employees to work hard, and when job vacancies occur, employees who work hard, perform well and have excellent abilities will receive priority promotion and development opportunities.

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